Our Guarantee

  • NO Artificial Ingredients

  • NO Growth Hormones

  • NO Steroids

  • NO Antibiotics

  • USDA Inspected

  • Humane Treatment

Welcome to “THE WRIGHT FARM” located in Swansea, SC approximately 15 miles south of Columbia.  We specialize in raising purebred registered pigs, meat goats, and meat rabbits on a 35 acre farm.  Our animals are raised on woodland pastures with the opportunity to roam, root in the brushes, and eat natural foods that the trees and the environment have to offer.  By giving them plenty of space to move around and exercise, the animals are stress-free, which helps enhance higher quality tender meat.  They are fed daily with a healthy natural diet purchased from local feed mills and farmers that are free of medications and growth hormones.   We take pride in treating our animals humanly and developing high quality animals for our customers.   Whether you view our website, call to ask questions, call to order, or come by and pick an animal for purchase, you are WELCOME.